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"Truly, for some men, nothing is written unless they write it."

r u shittin me

r u shittin me

Artist: Tom Waits
Album: The Heart Of Saturday Night
Song: Please Call Me, Baby
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Tom Waits - Please Call Me Baby

good news I can still kind of draw

good news I can still kind of draw

oh and I underestimated yoga that shits not easy

forgot my bf was at work. sent him a nude. his boss saw it and is v mad and now he’s probably in trouble wtf

since Halloween is coming 


This Kerouac-Inspired Journey Through Lost America Will Make You Want To Hit the Road

Dreamcatchers, cowboy hats, flannel shirts and nostalgia are all present in Theo Gosselin’s vagabondish journey through forgotten and mystical America. In 2012, this young photographer took a road trip from Harlem to Venice beach and truly captured the essence of free spirits running wild.

“My favorite subjects are the uninhibited young people who are my friends, photos taken from the inside, in the privacy of our travels together, our adventures, our evolution in this strange world. Love, friendships, and our appropriation of nature and the urban world. Young, free and immortal.”

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sometimes I wish I could reach in and pluck the sadness right from your body.
I’ve tried talking it out of you.
I’ve tried tickling it out of you.
I’ve tried hugging it out of you.
I’ve tried kissing it out of you.
with no success,
but I try every chance I get hoping one of these days,
I finally draw it out
like sucking the venom out of a snakebite.
and I’ll never stop trying
for you.

n.s (via sunxdwn)